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We are pirates for peace,
for the oceans the land and its people...

“The scarlet macaws are flying by all day long in pairs, the largest untouched rain forest I have ever seen dropping the anchor in this world. Famous pirate hide out gives me shivers to think of sir Francis Drake who founded this bay was here just like us only 250 yrs ago when pirates still cruised the world over, working for the kings and queens back in the homelands.

The whales, dolphins, manta rays, sharks and every living thing we see and meet, constantly tells us protect her from illegal fishing and poaching. Because of our unique style of boat with surf boards everywhere, we can get closer to bad karma fishing boats and hopefully get some video or photos of them in the act of destroying what is left . We have met marine biologists! Shawn Larkin has blown our minds with his knowledge.I strongly recommend taking a trip to Drakes Bay for a real natural experience, people here have been super friendly and so has the surf, we will return for sure. Thanks to king Neptune for letting us roam as like in this giant spinning ball we call Earth, all the world may think there living in a civilized world, there is nothing civil about the crimes against this planet and its people.

Stop hurting are only means of survival, nature in balance, most people know this in the hearts but still are stuck in a system which is only focused on profits greed and the destruction of our planet. How long must we sing this song? Open your minds, step outside the box, step back, reconnect with nature in any way u can. The world powers at be are doing a incredible job of brainwashing its people into being perfect consumers, dont panic go organic, let love rule! ”


Imagine a World Without Fish
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Protecting oceans around the world

Every second, 3 sharks die at human hands. The vast majority are "finned" so that their fins can be used for shark fin soup. Sharks are becoming extinct and it is affecting all ocean life.
Article on "The Costa Rica News"
Modern Day Pirate Ship, Made Surfer Style