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Hola my name is Thomas Ritchie

I'm from Vancouver BC Canada, but here in Playa Santa Teresa they call me Tomás.

Me and my wife Kristine and our two daughters Aurora and Avalon have been living here on the beach for 20 years. The first five with no electricity and no other surfers!!

We built a nice tropical home by hand in the jungle a stone throw away from the surf.

We are vebtured in many ways to keeps this dream alive from having the first cabina rentals and started a small resort, also built homes for friends, started the first bike store and surf shop/school in the area.

All while building furniture in my woodshop and most recently all-wood 40 foots double outrigger polynesian pirate ship. Name the Aurora Delfin II !

Plus a whole lot of surfing along this magic coastline and of course staying close to my lovely wife and kids enjoying the beach life in harmony with nature and its rhythms. Living the dream!

Paz y amor,